Animal’s Protection Association Minis - APAM

Animal’s Protection Association Minis APAM is a non-profit organization, a sanctuary where dogs and cats found shelter, animals that are old, blind, epileptic, some with 2 or 3 legs, animals without adoption chances! Within the space limit, we try to save also the puppies and kittens abandoned without mercy!

We develop also continuously spay/neuter campaigns for the animals with owner because we know that the only solution is this one and we hope to the day we’ll go on the street and we’ll see no abandoned dog or cat!

Also, continuously, we develop adoption campaigns in the attempt to find wonderful families for the animals saved by us! We get involved also in children education, they are the future, they are the chance to a better life for animals! APAM is a family and absolutely each of us have our daily job and our care for animals is done voluntary, beside our jobs!


EURO ACCOUNT: RO04 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0450
USD ACCOUNT: RO51 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0477

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Recent News
  • Abandoned puppies in great danger

    p>We were wondering what kind of cruel heart could have abandoned these puppies. Whoever did this showed great cruelty, first by not spaying the mother (who, we don't know what conditions she may be living in), second, the puppies were abandoned in a very dangerous area, at the foot of a bridge, close to a very busy highway. They were saved by their own intelligence, since they did not leave the box at all. They were lucky, however: they are now in the APAM sanctuary, and they will not leave it until we find them loving families, as soon as they are treated for parasites and vaccinated. Thank you for all your help, so that together we may bring about a happy ending.

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  • Another soul, hurt by a car

    In the times of the dictatorship, you could see large signs saying: "Not a day without fish!" (later, of course, there wasn't any fish to be found either). This is the way with us too: "No day without suffering and pain. " Another little soul was lying by the road, after a driver from hell ran him over... Desperate calls began to come our way, asking us to help this poor dog who couldn't walk and was full of wounds, on top of being emaciated. Now he is at the clinic, with lots of investigations going on, as well as support treatments, X-rays, and he will be going for surgery. For that reason, we are asking you again to support us, so that, in our turn we could save him. We always say that not all people can donate money, but they can spread the news on Facebook, or messengers, or emails. Alone we can't cope with so many needs, and we need all the help, however small. IT MATTERS SO MUCH to this innocent souls! THANK YOU for caring!

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  • There still are wonderful people out there!

    We often complain that people don't care, that they pass a suffering animal, or one hurt in an accident, without caring that their input could save a life, a life they probably don't value much. That's why we are so impressed by this HUMAN, in the real sense of the word, who didn't pass by a kitty who was badly hurt. sHe didn't think of the large costs and post surgery expenses; She took him to the clinic to save his life. So, we received a phone call, asking us to help pay for the costs, since She couldn't cope out of a regular salary. We, in turn, ask you to contribute each one a little bit, in order to pay off the surgery, the X-rays, the post surgery expenses, and relieve this human, who attended to a tortured little soul, of a great financial burden. Thank you.

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  • Cry of pain

    It was getting dark, and a little female dog roaming the streets in search of food was hit by a speeding car. The night was shattered by her howling with pain. The little one dropped helplessly onto the pavement. We were called by a lady who was desperately asking us to help the little dog that had miraculously survived. Little OLGA is now at the clinic and she is given tests and having investigations. When she recovers, we are going to take her to the APAM sanctuary, and she will never return to the streets. 

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  • The car serving the animals of APAM has broken down!

    Please help us put it back on its wheels. We have great need for it. It is the car that has traveled thousands of km to take the dogs and cats to their families. It is the car that has covered thousands of km to carry food for the animals in the APAM Sanctuary...and we hope that together we can make it run thousands of km again.  Thank you so much!!

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