Animal’s Protection Association Minis - APAM

Animal’s Protection Association Minis APAM is a non-profit organization, a sanctuary where dogs and cats found shelter, animals that are old, blind, epileptic, some with 2 or 3 legs, animals without adoption chances! Within the space limit, we try to save also the puppies and kittens abandoned without mercy!

We develop also continuously spay/neuter campaigns for the animals with owner because we know that the only solution is this one and we hope to the day we’ll go on the street and we’ll see no abandoned dog or cat!

Also, continuously, we develop adoption campaigns in the attempt to find wonderful families for the animals saved by us! We get involved also in children education, they are the future, they are the chance to a better life for animals! APAM is a family and absolutely each of us have our daily job and our care for animals is done voluntary, beside our jobs!


EURO ACCOUNT: RO04 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0450
USD ACCOUNT: RO51 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0477

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Recent News
  • Cry of pain

    It was getting dark, and a little female dog roaming the streets in search of food was hit by a speeding car. The night was shattered by her howling with pain. The little one dropped helplessly onto the pavement. We were called by a lady who was desperately asking us to help the little dog that had miraculously survived. Little OLGA is now at the clinic and she is given tests and having investigations. When she recovers, we are going to take her to the APAM sanctuary, and she will never return to the streets. 

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  • The car serving the animals of APAM has broken down!

    Please help us put it back on its wheels. We have great need for it. It is the car that has traveled thousands of km to take the dogs and cats to their families. It is the car that has covered thousands of km to carry food for the animals in the APAM Sanctuary...and we hope that together we can make it run thousands of km again.  Thank you so much!!

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  • FREE from the chain!

    The images speak for themselves... The main thing is that Ivan is now in the APAM sanctuary, free from the chain. He has even made a friend, Marta, and he's running around happily all day. How wonderful it would be if we could find solutions for all the chained dogs, and make them all as happy as Ivan is today!!

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  • Charlie has been released from the clinic

    Charlie has been released from the clinic, and is here with us at the APAM Sanctuary. Unfortunately, the verdict in his case is cruel: he will never walk again. We are continuing with his treatment, and hoping for a miracle. He has already made friends here, one of them is Lucky, the other Remus, both paralysed, as well. In spite of being handicapped, all three of them are playing, appreciate life, and every bone and bit of food they get... We love them dearly!In the future, Charlie will need wheels to help him walk. We will keep you updated. Thank you all for your support!

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  • Abandoned in a gas station

    We can't go anywhere without getting anxious about dogs we find abandoned or hit by cars! That's what happened today, when we turned into a gas station to fill up, and we saw a small fuzzball in a corner. We could see so much fear and terror in his eyes. We couldn't understand how some people abandoned him and others couldn't offer him any help or a yard to live in. We found out that he had been there for a week, and only a miracle kept him from being hit by a car.    He is now safe, and after one day in the APAM sanctuary he realized he was loved and protected. He remembered his childhood, and he's playing without cease, from morning till night. 

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