Animal’s Protection Association Minis - APAM

Animal’s Protection Association Minis APAM is a non-profit organization, a sanctuary where dogs and cats found shelter, animals that are old, blind, epileptic, some with 2 or 3 legs, animals without adoption chances! Within the space limit, we try to save also the puppies and kittens abandoned without mercy!

We develop also continuously spay/neuter campaigns for the animals with owner because we know that the only solution is this one and we hope to the day we’ll go on the street and we’ll see no abandoned dog or cat!

Also, continuously, we develop adoption campaigns in the attempt to find wonderful families for the animals saved by us! We get involved also in children education, they are the future, they are the chance to a better life for animals! APAM is a family and absolutely each of us have our daily job and our care for animals is done voluntary, beside our jobs!


EURO ACCOUNT: RO04 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0450
USD ACCOUNT: RO51 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0477

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Recent News
  • Gigi passed to eternal life

    This is what we wish to believe, that he lives eternally and from there he often looks down on us, those he lived with for 14 years. We loved him and he loved us, and now we have an enormous emptiness in our hearts, and we are sad that we couldn't prolong his life. Our dear Gigi, rest in peace along with all those who have left APAM, and don't forget that we loved you so much. 

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  • A little tomcat with a great pain

    While everyone was preparing for the holidays and wating for Santa, this little one who belonged to no one was looking for a place safe from the dogs and with a bit of warmth. Unfortunately, he chose the engine of a car. You can imagine the outcome, the nightmare he went through when the owner started the car and left without knowing who found shelter within.    Now the little one is at the clinic, where his leg will have to be amputated. After the operation, APAM will be his home, and will look for a family for him, who will care for and love him in spite of his missing leg.

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  • Our little old Nessie

    After a troubled life, full of suffering, she came to us in her old age. She had been well till a few days ago, when she became severely ill. We took her to Dr. Levente, almost in a coma, and through his and Roxi's care she was brought back to life. She will remain at the veterinary office until she gets much better. Thank you, Dr. Levente and Roxi.

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  • A MAN in the best sense!!

    There are among us true human beings, people who live real dramas, yet they don't lose their humanity or their soul. This MAN is one of them, and he has lived a real tragedy when he lost both his legs, becoming dependent on a wheelchair.A man without a family, but surrounded by animals that receive all the love and care he is capable of. One day, a new drama began, when along with the animals in his care ( a tomcat and a dog) a new female dog, lost and belonging to no one appeared. He took pity on her and allowed her to grow up along with his dog, without realizing that the two mated. The result was 6 new puppies. When he saw his home and yard full of animals, however hard it became, he did not let them die or abandoned them (as so many healthy people with means often do, being only interested in getting rid of the unwanted creatures) rather he bought them food from his small pension, and cared for them the best way he could.    This is how the story of this MAN reached us and moved us to tears. We paid him a visit and brought him food for the animals. We scheduled the adult dogs for neutering and spaying, and took the little ones to us, in order to find them adoptive families. Anyway, our mission isn't over, since we will make sure to visit him often and take him food and goodies for the two grown dogs and the tomcat that he kept  as his adopted family.

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  • This how the job is done here!

    One only needs to enter the roundabout, open the car door and throw the little dog out. without even stopping the car!! All this sinister and most horrible action was witnessed by the poeple at the PECO gas station close by.  The little dog is with us, safe, neutered, with shots and microchip, and awaiting a responsible family. He's a beauty of a doggy, who still has a wondering look in his eyes... he doesn't know what he has done to find himself thrown out of a car!! We've told him and repeat it daily: he's done NOTHING and he is not to blame; his only "fault" is that he is very gentle and loving.

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