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Animal’s Protection Association Minis APAM is a non-profit organization, a sanctuary where dogs and cats found shelter, animals that are old, blind, epileptic, some with 2 or 3 legs, animals without adoption chances! Within the space limit, we try to save also the puppies and kittens abandoned without mercy! We develop also continuously spay/neuter campaigns for the animals with owner because we know that the only solution is this one and we hope to the day we’ll go on the street and we’ll see no abandoned dog or cat! Also, continuously, we develop adoption campaigns in the attempt to find wonderful families for the animals saved by us! We get involved also in children education, they are the future, they are the chance to a better life for animals! APAM is a family and absolutely each of us have our daily job and our care for animals is done voluntary, beside our jobs!

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Hit by a car

Data 15/07/2014


Data 26/06/2014

Belgian malinois, severely abused

Data 25/06/2014

A little fawn...

Data 17/06/2014

Severely wounded cats

Data 16/06/2014


Data 06/06/2014

A soul needs us

Data 06/06/2014

Little dog with a broken leg

Data 06/06/2014

Farewell, our dear Diesel!

Data 05/06/2014

Tortured Saint-Bernard

Data 30/05/2014


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